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Jólnir (pronounced "yole-neh-r" with a rolling of the r) is another name for the ancient Norse god, Odin. Jól translates to yule, referring to ancient midwinter or yuletide celebrations still being practiced in Scandinavian cultures and throughout the world.

These earrings are designed with a total of eight white "legs", representing the eight legs of Jólnir's horse named Sleipnir, who has been depicted in ancient illustrations as being gray or white. The silver medallion is emblematic of Jól, the frosty, midwinter season, beckoning the coming of summer.

Made with silver-plated fish hooks, premium metal eye pins, silver-plated coin bead, matter silver ribbon crimps, and repurposed white paper bag handles

Relic Code: (refer to the Codex)

Weight Scale: 3 (apx. .25 oz)

Length: 2.75"

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