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East Ruin

Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay

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These Hudson Bay earrings were designed to pay homage to the Hudson River Valley's historical ties to its whaling and ice-harvesting industries. East Ruin's owner was born and raised directly alongside the Hudson River, and visited as well as worked for years in the City of Hudson, New York.

Hudson, New York was historically one of the most important whaling centers of the world, and the Hudson River Valley had its own massive ice-harvesting complex.

Incorporated in 1785, Hudson, formerly known as Claverack Landing, began as an attempt by two former professional whaling merchants from Nantucket's New England whaling industry who'd recently had their ports closed due to the Continental Congress suspending trade with England in 1774.  Though Claverack Landing was a massive 100 miles from the ocean, its farmland was suitable for city planning that would accommodate the many industry needed for whaling, and the Hudson River was deep enough to accommodate whaling ships.

The Hudson River itself, from south of the Catskills all the way to Rensselaer County (including the City of Troy, secondary residence to Moby Dick and other seafaring adventures author, Herman Melville), proved incredibly sufficient for ice harvesting. The final product was loaded onto barges and shipped down to New York City, providing the bustling metropolis with ice year-round.

Workers guide a horse pulling an ice-cutting rig on the Hudson River, circa 1912

Workers guide a horse pulling an ice-cutting rig on the Hudson River, circa 1912. (Photo Credit – New York State Archives # A3045- 78_830)

Made with Stainless Steel Earring Hooks, Weighted Antique-Silver Fishbone Chain, silver-plated jump rings, and hand-wire-wrapped semi-precious labradorite faceted coin beads.

Relic Code: (refer to Codex)

Weight Scale: 2 (apx. 0.10 oz)

Length: 2.25 inches

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