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Pottery Bowl - With Chip

Pottery Bowl - With Chip

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All East Ruin Pottery is made to order. This means we do not keep excess pottery in stock; when we receive your order we will custom make it for you. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of your item. We use Amaco Lead Free glazes and fire to Cone 5/6. Your pottery is food-safe when we follow all industry guidelines. If the design of your pottery is not food safe we will be sure it is adequately labeled. Never assume pottery or any type of ceramic ware is food safe. Always check the label.

We recommend hand-washing to extend the life of your pottery and do not advise putting it in the microwave. (It is oven-safe.) Pottery can be temperature sensitive, though, so be mindful if quickly transitioning your piece from hot to cold, etc.

Also, note that color variations in pottery glazes will change from one piece to the next. Colors will also be different depending on whether you choose a white clay body or a red clay body. This is what is so magical about pottery! If you're looking for something very specific, please refer to our Commissions page

Thank you for ordering from a small-business artist, especially a potter just starting out! You're the best!


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