Instructional page of what a sample Hidden Relic looks like hidden in the image on the East Ruin website.

Relics Hidden Among Us

Quarterly, a tiny Relic Symbol will be buried within the East Ruin website. It may be embedded into an image, subtly placed into a body of text, or take on the appearance of an East Ruin staple. 

The simple object will always be surrounded by a wreath and the words "Relics are hidden among us." In the example shown below, a simple heart is the hidden relic, which means when you enter the word HEART at checkout you'll receive 20% off your order through Hint: All Hidden Relics will be one-word objects only. Enter the word in all-caps.

Example of Hidden Relic: a sketched non-anatomical, symbol Heart shape surrounded by a green wreath and circling letters spelling "Hidden Relics are Among Us." In this instance, the Hidden Relic Coupon Code would be "Heart."

In December 2022, the first Hidden Relic discount will be available for all visitors to East Ruin, but starting in January 2023 this will become an East Ruin Alliance benefit only. Prior to March 2023, the Hidden Relics were changing monthly, but we have switched them to quarterly features.

How do you join the East Ruin Alliance?

Just subscribe with your email! Our goal for the Alliance is to build a community of people with whom we can share our love for archaeology, art, history, mythology, sustainability, and ethical consumerism. We also want to learn from you to incorporate better processes and practices into our business whenever possible, and highlight within the Alliance what you know. Newsletters are sent out quarterly.


If you've found the relic symbol but are interpreting the word differently and are unable to unlock the coupon code, email us a screenshot of where you discovered the relic on our page! We'll give you a few hints. The point is to have fun, but we recognize there are multiple ways of processing information based on neurodiversity, ESL users, varied abilities, and more. We don't want anyone to miss out.

Note: Alt text on Hidden Relics will be provided for visually impaired visitors.

Happy hunting! 

East Ruin "Hunt for the Hidden Relic" Discounts are subject to change without notice. Discounts are only available for redemption once per person per quarter (Feb - April | May - July | August - Oct | Nov - Jan) and are not available for purchases made through Society6 or Bonfire, nor are they applicable towards East Ruin Gift Vouchers or services. Hidden Relic discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. Each Hidden Relic Discount Code becomes inactive the last day of the featured month at 11:30PM. The new discount code and Hidden Relic will become available by 12:00PM noon on the first day of the new quarter. 

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