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About Shawna Fitzsimmons

About Shawna Fitzsimmons

Shawna Fitzsimmons (she/her) is an artist, systems thinker, and self-proclaimed "disruptor."
She regularly critiques economic models that prioritize extraction, rebels against class discrimination, and works to "focus on building the new, rather than tearing down the old" by ideating solutions to these problems. She harnesses lived experience recovering from religious indoctrination and childhood poverty to expand social justice initiatives and challenge systems and assumptions around status, privilege, education, and opportunity.
More than anything, she is a normal person and believes "normal people" are extraordinary and deserve more of a spotlight.
Brief Bio
  • Born in Troy, New York, USA
  • Has an identical twin (and 13 siblings total)
  • Grew up very poor. This will forever be part of her identity.
  • Skilled in photography, pottery, collage, charcoal drawing, jewelry design, and foosball
  • Is barely capable of small talk. Will skip right past it whenever possible to get to the good stuff.
  • Is a fierce advocate for redefining what it means to be "educated" and dismantling credentialism 
  • Finds personal inspiration in Roman stoic writings, Thoreau, sociology texts, and books on systems analysis
  • Agnostic Atheist; firm believer in Freedom of Religion, Separation of Church and State, and taxing churches
  • Engaged to the great guy in the photo below

Expanded bio & Portfolio coming soon. 

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