East Ruin is an eco- and socially-conscious art & design business providing options for consumers who value alternatives to extractive production methods.

We strive to be a limited-waste, zero-plastic, transparent business that prioritizes people and planet over profits.

We are continually reviewing the materials we use, the vendors we purchase from, where we sell our products, and through what platforms we promote our work. We do this because we understand that:

    1. Most business models are built with the number one goal of increasing profits while ignoring external costs.
    2. As external costs are overlooked, our fellow human beings and the planet we live on are being used as disposable goods.
    3. We believe there are ways to build businesses that offer high quality products and services without using extractive methods. 

At East Ruin, we know all of our methods aren't perfect, but we're rigorously evaluating ourselves every step of the way. We invite you along on this journey with us and encourage you to reach out with any suggestions or recommendations for vendors, practices, or business processes that might help us focus on our priority of prioritizing people and planet over profit. 

Learn about how our mission impacts our Field Standards.

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