Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair

Free Jewelry Repair for One Year

East Ruin's Jewelry Repair Services are available at no cost for East Ruin relics within one year of purchase (restrictions apply). Read more to determine eligibility.

What Qualifies?

Any East Ruin necklace, earring, bracelet, or ring is eligible if purchased within the last year (365 days from the date of the request). 

What Are the Requirements?

  • Jewelry Repair Requests must be made via this form.
  • Once received, East Ruin will review your request and either approve or deny it. In most cases, we will provide a reason why we denied your request.
  • All or as many parts of the original relic as possible need to be sent in for repair. Missing or substituted parts will likely result in a denial to repair.

Why Would a Request Be Denied?

Reasons for denial include:

  • Purchase date of relic is beyond one year.
  • Damage to relic is beyond everyday wear-and-tear, or is beyond repair in general.
  • Images of relic do not contain original relic elements or are missing several parts.
  • Other reasons may occur and will be stated when we respond to the request.

Can You Explain the Process?

  1. If a request is approved, the Client is required to ship the original East Ruin relic to East Ruin at PO Box 30, East Nassau, NY 12062, USA. Cost of shipment of the relic for repair is the responsibility of the client. 
  2. Timeframe for repairs is 4-6 weeks.
  3. Once received, we will perform the repair. (If for some reason during this process we determine we are unable to perform the repair with identical products, we will first attempt to replace it with a better part, or if unable to do so we will replace it with the next-best part we have in stock.)
  4. Once the relic is repaired, we will ship it back to you. East Ruin will cover the cost of the return shipment.

Our ultimate goal is offer an incredibly high-quality product, so we hope this service is never needed! If it is, we plan to honor as many requests as we can. The repair process keeps your relics strong and increases their longevity. It also informs us what materials aren't up to par so we can constantly improve our relics.

East Ruin has the right to deny any Jewelry Repair Request for any reason and is not required to provide an explanation to the customer. East Ruin has the right to revoke this free service at any time, for any reason, without notice to its customers. Any dissatisfaction with a repair can be addressed to 

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